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Shooting and feeding Britain!

It's hard not to be aware now of the awful struggles some families here now are facing just to do the most basic things like feed their children. This has been further highlighted here recently with the recent Chartwells school lunch scandal recently broken here, showing that to add to their misery the people who so badly needed help are being let down even further. Because of this charities like Feeding Britain are so important to provide the help they need responsibly.

"A donation of just £10 can purchase the equivalent of 30 meals for a family at risk of hunger."

Last year I donated a proportion of my shoots to the Captain Tom NHS appeal and raised over £300 for doing nothing more than my usual work thanks to the generosity of the people I work with, so I'm going to do the same between now and the end of June from both remote and in person shoots once allowed again. I will be donating £5 from every hour shoot and £10 from every 2 hour plus shoot to Feeding Britain. So just by shooting with me you could be providing between 15 and 30 meals for families each time and making a direct difference! I will also be starting and independent fundraiser on my Facebook page for those who cannot shoot but would like to donate, and a running total of meals provided will be added to my home page daily. No huge targets but I'd like to raise £100 per month, which could provide a staggering 1800 meals!

I have fantastic new art and derelict backgrounds as well as my wonderful apartment with huge south facing window and high ceilings, and lovely natural light. And a host of wonderful new urbex and landscape locations once we are able to shoot outdoors again.

So if you'd like to shoot and make a difference at the same time please drop me a line!

Recent work indoors and out..


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