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It's been a busy few months...

After a busy few months it's time to update my blog with some of the awesome work from the last few months!

Rob Golding and I had a crazy marathon shoot early in the morning around some local locations before the rest of the world woke up finishing up at one of my favourite local spots. There was no sunrise and it didn't stop raining but we got some lovely moody light!

Mike Mayer and I have rolled in the mud, crept around urbex buildings and even bust the Tate! More of our Venice trip to come in fantastic project including some spectacular nude images..

Steve Trussler and I stayed indoors and explored his home..even the loft!

Damien Pell and I surprised a few dog walkers..

Nick Costen and I have had a couple of wonderful shoots even if they didn't always go to plan..Lots more to come from our most recent shoot.

Rob Hill and I had an amazing day in Derbyshire with more to come from that shoot soon in Ellusive Dreams magazine!

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