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Expect the unexpected..with Jon Downs

It was almost eighteen months since we'd previously shot and to say I'd missed Jon's crazy experiments was an understatement. But how on earth we ended up shooting wide lens fashion and nudes in a very public place I'll never know! Both out of our comfort zones and Jon shooting completely unfamiliar lenses it def challenged both of us. And still he manages to astound me by creating walls that aren't there.Jon is def the master when it comes to light and in camera effects trickery!!!

Our sunset lasted about 5 mins sadly as we really didn't think we would get one where we were so we just stopped the car where we were and shot. Sometimes you just have to take a risk...

We also stuck to our minimal editing trick meaning batch editing everything with a simple conversion so there are literally hundreds of amazing shots, but I've tried to pick my absolute favourites.

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