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I’m a highly experienced and previously agency signed model.I can work in the most extreme locations and weathers any time of the year, in the filthiest of conditions, or even the occasional studio.. I’m also able to shoot from my  South facing apartment on the Thames with fantastic natural light. I can work in person, or remotely using high quality kit, allowing me to work with people all over the world!



My heart really lies in the dark, dirty but incredibly beautiful derelict buildings I’ve loved since a child. Peeling paint, rust and decay bring a peaceful beauty to some amazing architecture from stunning manors to factories and sheds, or my particular favourites asylums and mortuaries.. There is something incredibly haunting and exciting about shooting in these places that creates a real buzz and inspiration for a shoot!



I have a wealth of knowledge of  locations around Britain and growing every day with regular research on all the major sites, and good connections in the very underground urbex world. I’m also pretty handy with google maps! I will also be available to travel abroad this Summer, although long haul flights may be too much for a slightly nervous flyer!


I regularly check my local locations, for changes in access, hazards, security and unwanted visitors. These things are never guaranteed but by doing this I can lessen the chances of a failed shoot. Where possible I try to have a plan B. I’m fearless in getting the perfect shot but I also know how to keep everyone as safe as possible!

Knowledge and research on the sites mean I can choose the right site to any concept,theme or costume. If I don’t know of one I’ll do my best to find one for you!


I shoot myself as a commercial portrait photographer of both people and animals, so I have a good knowledge of the best times of day to shoot certain places, and where the best light is in a room or building, saving you time on your shoot. I love to work with natural and available light, which brings the buildings to life.

I pose very freely and react to my surroundings very quickly.I’m also as tough as old boots and extremely experienced in shooting in even the worst conditions.


To sum it up I’m a slightly quirky, characterful model with a slight crazy creative mind, a bucket full of ideas and a deep seated love and knowledge for decaying buildings and cold weather!!!




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